We are thrilled to share our True & Verifiable Testimonials with you :)

#1 from Sandra Doyle-Gilchrist, California

I LOVE this oil.  
I am a retired disable Navy veteran, widow, breast cancer survivor and diabetic.
This oil has been LIFE CHANGING for me.  I have never thought to try anything like this and I was afraid at first.
What type discounts do you offer?   I want to continue using this product.
I have recommended your products to others and they love them too.

#2 from Patrick Howley, California

"Btw, My large pain in my right hip after sleeping on my right side is totally gone. It happened so gradually I almost didn’t notice LOL  I’ll tell you about it tomorrow but I’m amazed thanks David

#3 from Lori Mendosa, California

"Hi, I have never written a testimonial before, but I feel it’s important to share my experience.  I have been using Mr. CBD 3000 mg oil and 1000 mg lotion for over 3 months and I am amazed at how well they work together. I have been dealing with arthritis for about 9 years now. My normal morning is being woken up between 2-3 am in pain so bad, I am crying. My only recourse was soaking in hot water to find some relief. I was on Meloxicam and then Plaquenil. My rheumatologist had me on the strongest dose I could have and still I was dealing with significant pain quite often. My liver function was being affected due to the side effects and long term use. I am now off all prescription arthritis medication. When I wake up at 2 or 3 in pain, I apply the lotion and within minutes, I am able to go back to sleep.  My liver tests haven’t been this good in a couple of years. David has been amazing. I am a caregiver for seniors and my work gives me pain. I can’t call in sick because I hurt. There are no side effects like most prescription medications. I can be more efficient at work because of these amazing products. I would recommend to anyone who has arthritis to give Mr. CBD a try.


Lori Mendosa"

#4 from Pauline Pantaleo, FL

"My experience using CBD is far more impressive than I would have ever expected. I had skepticism, fear and doubt. After the encouragement of a much trusted advocate I gave it a try.

I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE, Rheumatoid, IBS and Osteoporosis of spine. I was assessed as experiencing PTSD, ADHD and Anxiety attacks. My lifestyle is all about health and wellness, fitness and nutrition, but in spite of all the knowledge, education and training, healing myself was the biggest challenge.

I started off with 1000 and now use the 3000 sublingual. The changes I have experienced are remarkably life changing. I recently went to have blood tests and Lupus and Rheumatoid came back negative. I was not as surprised as it would seem because psychologically the change is undeniably drastic!! I have been able to get into a workout regime like I did years ago. CBD has quelled my anxiety attacks, PTSD and I no longer rely on pre workout/ energy supplements to get moving!

I am so happy with this product, David is fantastic and I would encourage anyone who is trying to find help to use Mr. CBD. Thank you David!"


#5 from Olivia Pacheco Higgins, NM

Good morning, I am writing to you to tell you how much I like a product I recently purchased from you. It is your CBD Cream and an oil that  can be taken orally. 

I have suffered from back and leg pain for several years with no relief. When you showed me your product I wasn't sure how effective it would be but I decided to give it try. 

I am pleased to report that both products provide very effective relief, requiring a small amount of the product. 

I particularly enjoy applying the CBD cream at bedtime. The cream has a very pleasant odor and is not greasy at all. I find it to be very comforting and soothing, and provides lasting relief through the night.

Thank you so much for showing these products to me. I will continue to purchase these items from you. I wish you the best of luck as you continue to build your business.


Olivia Pacheco Higgins


#6 from Johnny Anderson, Scotland

"As previously mentioned, my mother has been ill for some 20 years, suffering from Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, IBS and issues getting a good nights sleep.  She has been dealing with GP's and the NHS for as long as we can remember who have been pumping her with a multitude of pharmaceuticals for the duration of her illness's.Main meds have been Dihydro-codeine, Naproxen (full strength anti inflammatory), standard pain relief medication, water tablets and meds for her blood pressure. She sees no signs of her health improving, she's actually been getting progressively worse. That is until she started taking Mr.CBD 3,000mg High Grade Oil!!  Since commencing her oil regime last Friday she has been feeling changes within herself on a daily basis.  

Day 1 - 2ml of oil (1ml morning - 1ml night)  Slept the best she has in many years (continuing Pharma meds at this stage)

Day 2 - 2ml of oil (1ml morning - 1ml night) woke up feeling well rested, joints and muscles feeling looser, Mind fog has lifted and is reporting thinking with more clarity than she has experienced in many years, great nights sleep again (continuing Pharma meds at this stage)

Day 3 - 1ml of  oil (morning)  feeling slightly better than day 2,  Struggled sleeping (continuing Pharma meds at this stage)

Day 4 - 2ml of oil  (1ml morning - 1ml night) Feeling looser again, more energy, not in nearly as much pain as prior to oil, slept great (continuing Pharma meds at this stage)

Day 5 -  2ml of oil  (1ml morning - 1ml night) woke up feeling amazing to the point that she decided to not take her usual concoction of morning meds she required to simply function, muscle and joint pain still there but manageable, feeling refreshed, great nights sleep. (2 paracetamol all day no other pain relief taken)

Day 6 - today (1ml morning) - feeling the best she has in as long as she can remember, mobility back, pain at an extremely manageable level, feeling a bit tired but over the moon that her health issues she thought she was stuck with for the rest of her days have began to dissipate, mobility fantastic feeling extremely positive (2 paracetamol all day no other pain relief taken)  
All of our minds are blown at the speed and rate of her recovery, she's like a different woman.
(more updates to follow as my sisters and father are now taking the oil for their ailments with some amazing progress already)"