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My name is Patti Patane. I am a broadcast television journalist and investigative reporter.

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I was in extreme pain in 2017 from arthritis. I understand pain in older Americans. I am one.

Over 70 and not wanting to continue on pharmaceutical drugs, including opioids to stop the pain, I had to find a better way.

I researched and, with my doctor’s approval, I started taking a medical-grade Hemp plant-extracted cannabinoid, commonly called an isolate, known as Cannabidiol (CBD).

At that time, I was unaware of the 2015 Israel Scientific Study of Cannabis that recommended Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, which means all available cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids and more are being extracted and used.

The difference being, Cannabidiol (CBD) is only one of the 118 known-to-date cannabinoids in the medicinal hemp plant.

Both Full-Spectrum and Isolated Cannabidiol (CBD) are Anti-Inflammatory.

What I also learned is that for some individuals, like myself, the CBD did not work quickly enough so I created the Patti Patane Protocol (3P).

I took a very small amount of pure, medical-grade THC liquid tincture with the Cannabidiol isolate. It worked and 5 months after starting the CBD/THC Combo, I was completely out of arthritis pain and, to this day, I remain out of pain.

When a medical-grade full-spectrum hemp oil became commercially available, I started using both the Cannabidiol isolate and the full-spectrum oils in addition to the THC.

Today my maintenance dose is twice per week switching between ½ dropper of Full Spectrum, or ½ dropper of Cannabidiol Isolate.

The reason I continue with both is because they are each made from a different “strain” of Medicinal Hemp. I am covering all my bases.

Patti Patane ProtocolDosage Recommendations:


Cannabidiol (CBD) is also a vasodilator. If you have High Blood Pressure, you MUSTconsider the following;

  • Start with ¼ dropper of Mr. CBD Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil at bedtime for 1 week, with 1 Drop of THC.
  • Midday take only ¼ dropper of KAWIA Cannabidiol Isolate.

Then you can gradually increase over about 2 weeks to:

  • Morning: Mr. CBD Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil - 1 Dropper full.
  • Midday: KAWIA Cannabidiol Isolate - 1 Dropper full.
  • Bedtime: Mr. CBD Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil - 1 Dropper full with 1 Drop of THC.

Any questions, please watch my UNDERSTANDING CANNABIS news programs below or via email

P.S. A new (2018) published Clinical Study out of Israel offers scientific evidence that the therapeutic use of cannabis can be a safe and effective treatment for elderly people and is often a factor leading to the decreased use of other drugs, including opioids.

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